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Sip and savor the essence of our café at Cafe La Blanche. Explore signature flavors that transform each visit into a delightful journey of taste and ambiance.

EARLY BIRD OFFER Monday to Saturday 7am to 9am Any Single Hot Drink + Croissant £3

Coffees & Teas

Cafe La Blanche invites you to savor the art of coffee and teas. Immerse yourself in the rich complexity of our espresso and espresso-based classics, or indulge in our signature Cafe La Blanche Specials, like the luscious Coconut Mocha or invigorating Tumeric Latte. For tea enthusiasts, discover a world of flavors with our exquisite range, from the classic English Tea to the refreshing Green Tea & Mint or the soothing Cardamom Tea. Elevate your coffee and tea experience at Cafe La Blanche, where every sip is a moment of pure delight.


Start your day on a delicious note with our breakfast offerings at Cafe La Blanche. From the hearty Full English Breakfast and Veg English Breakfast to the flavorful Cafe Special Breakfast and Veg Cafe Special Breakfast, our menu is a symphony of morning delights. Dive into our Filled Tortillas, Cob Toastie Wrap, or savor the exotic flavors of Shakshuka. For a lighter option, indulge in the creamy goodness of Avocado or the perfect Avocado with Poached Egg. At Cafe La Blanche, breakfast is not just a meal; it’s an experience crafted for your morning satisfaction.


Experience panini perfection at Cafe La Blanche, where every bite tells a savory story. From the zest of Mild or Spicy Chicken to the richness of Butter Chicken and Creamy Coriander Chicken, our paninis redefine indulgence. Savor the delectable Creamy Pepper Chicken or opt for the vegetarian delight of Tomato Pesto Mozzarella. At La Blanche, we craft paninis with passion, delivering a culinary journey for your taste buds.


Quench your thirst with the vibrant burst of flavors from our lemonades at Cafe La Blanche. Indulge in the classic refreshment of Cloudy, or experience the tangy delight of Raspberry and the exotic allure of Passion. Dive into the refreshing symphony of Mixed Berry, where every sip is a burst of fruity goodness.


Indulge in sweet moments at Cafe La Blanche, where our daily selection of fresh cakes is a treat for the senses. From decadent chocolate creations to luscious fruit-infused delights, each cake is a masterpiece of flavor. Elevate your dessert experience with our diverse range, expertly crafted to satisfy every sweet craving. At La Blanche, we redefine the art of sweetness, ensuring every bite is a moment of pure delight.


Introducing Croffles – a delicious fusion of croissants and waffles that redefines breakfast at Cafe La Blanche. From the Nutty Hunny’s sweet crunch to the indulgent Crumbled Cookie and the luscious Carameltý, our croffles are a symphony of flavors. Experience the delightful Bite My Biscoff, the energizing Caffeine, the nutty perfection of Let’s Go Nuts, the irresistibly crunchy I’m So Crunchy, and the heavenly Half & Half. At La Blanche, we turn breakfast into a culinary adventure with our innovative croffle creations.

Coffee Couture Sip, Savor, Repeat

Immerse yourself in the refined artistry of coffee at Cafe La Blanche. From the captivating Espresso to the indulgent Mocha, each brew is a journey through a palate-pleasing symphony of flavors.

EARLY BIRD OFFER Monday to Saturday 7am to 9am Any Single Hot Drink + Croissant £3

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